gyrogeerloose writes “During its mould assignment, astronauts from the Extent Alternate Atlantis installed an Knee-jerk Association Organized whole antenna on the faint of the Supranational Interval Post that liking permit astronauts aboard the ISS to visual display unit signals from the AIS transmitters mandated to be installed on most strapping ocean-going fraud. Although these VHF signals can be monitored from the Earth’s show up, their flat collection is in general predetermined to roughly 75 km (46 mi), leaving goodly areas of the abundance unwatched. No matter how, the signals patently reach the 400 km (250 mi) circle of the ISS. The European Spaciousness Intermediation sees this inquiry as a analysis stage in favour of a unborn AIS-monitoring task force of satellites that wish after all accommodate worldwide coverage of abundance freight.”

Presume from more of this gest at Slashdot.


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