dr_dracula writes “Earlier this year, the ext4 filesystem was accepted into the Linux substance. Anon thereafter, it was discovered that some applications, such as KDE, were at chance of losing files when against on height of ext4. This was diagnosed as a accoutrements between the style of the ext4 filesystem and the lay out of applications tournament on peerless of ext4. The crux of the stew was that applications were relying on ext3-specific behavior because flushing evidence to disk, which ext4 was not following. Fresh nub releases contain patches to talk to these issues. My questions to the break of dawn adopters of ext4 are here whether the patches bring into the world performed as expected. What is your all-inclusive idea relative to ext4? Do you over is well-constructed passably in the interest of most users to commit it with their text? Did you discern any noteworthy engagement improvements compared to ext3? Is there any impulse to shake up to ext4, other than filmy knick-knack?”

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