david_a_eaves writes “The Chinese rule is mandating that all computers sold in China be broached with Internet blocking software. Rip off Cottingham writes an extraordinary shard noting how the censorship appeal of this software should be the least of our concerns. This modern software may fashion an possibility destined for the Chinese Command to set aside these computers and practise them to develop the worlds largest botnet army.” Update: 06/11 21:26 GMT around T : J. Alex Halderman writes “My students and I comprise been examining the Untrained Dam censorware software. We’ve initiate genuine vulnerabilities that can be exploited via any trap spot a narcotic addict visits with the software installed. We also establish that some of the blacklists seems to hold been entranced from the American-made filtering program CyberSitter. We’ve posted a announcement and demo.”

Scan more of this black lie at Slashdot.


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