Hugh Pickens writes “European antitrust regulators, who set up been aggressively pursuing what they catch sight of as anticompetitive practices among technology companies, could force their largest attractive constantly in a market-dominance containerize against Intel. The commission began investigating Intel in 2000 after Advanced Micro Devices, its arch-rival, filed a gripe. In two sets of charges, in 2007 and 2008, the commission accused Intel of abusing its main stance in chips through giving big-hearted rebates to computer makers, during paying computer makers to shilly-shallying or redeem fallout lines, and nearby oblation chips concerning server computers at prices unbefitting present sell for. Some judiciary experts speculate that Intel’s outstanding could reach to a billion euros, or $1.3B. ‘I’d be surprised if the delicate isn’t as tall or higher than in the Microsoft box,’ said an antitrust and striving counselor-at-law in London. In 2004 Microsoft paid a splendid of €497M, or $663M at drift altercation rates, after being accused of abusing its dominance; the EU imposed another $1.3B high-grade in Feb. 2008.”

Assume from more of this untruth at Slashdot.


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