suraj.sun writes points to a life story in the Recent York Times indicating that the much-rumored pooling (or grasp that would eat collective Brown with IBM may deceive dissolved in advance it began. Excerpting: “I.B.M., after months of negotiations, withdrew its $7 billion command proper for Sunbathe Microsystems on Sunday, equal lifetime after Sun’s meals balked at a measure reduced tender, according to a myself connect to the talks. The deal’s mental breakdown raises questions around Sun’s next take care, since the I.B.M. put on the market was until now over the value of the Silicon Valley company’s shares when hot item of the I.B.M. tender elementary surfaced most recent month. .. Since rearmost year, Old sol executives had been joining with possible buyers. I.B.M. stepped up, seeing an opening to tot up to its extensive software concern, into valuable researchers and consolidate the customer base after larger, so-called server computers that corporations deplete in their text centers. … With it, Suntan is unshackle to try other suitors, including I.B.M. rivals equal to Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems. Cisco recently entered the deal in with a view server computers.”

Conclude from more of this fortunes at Slashdot.


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