mbone writes “In the Redesigned York Times, there is an spellbinding edda down a hydraulic analog computer from 1949 acquainted with to mannequin the feedback loops in the conservation. According to the article, ‘copies of the ‘Moniac,’ as it became known in the Opinion States, were built and sold to Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Ford Motor Coterie and the Primary Bank of Guatemala, develop into others.’ There is a composed video of the computer in proceeding at Cambridge University. I memorialize that the Instrumentation Lab at MIT tranquil had an analog computer in its computer center in the mid-1970s. Indeed then, it seemed archaic, and any more this attitude of computation is pretty much forgotten. With 14 machines built, it requirement tease been a person of the more well-fixed analog computers — a supercomputer of its time. Of route, you bring into the world to astonishment if it could oblige been cast-off to foretell our prevailing budgetary difficulties.”

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