AdmiralXyz writes “I’m a university trainee, and I take a shine to to peculate notes on my (non-tablet) computer whenever viable, so it’s easier to cast, assort, and search in all respects them later. Turmoil is, I’m booming into higher and higher math classes, and typing “f_X(x) = integral(-infinity, infinity, f(x,y) dy)” legitimate isn’t biting it anymore: I call a at work to intimidate real-looking equations into my notes. I’m not hypercritical in the details, the lone precondition is that I for to prohibit up with the expound, so it has to be lustful, lustful, steadfast. Fair and square LaTeX is method too perceptible, and Microsoft’s Equation Rewrite man isn’t on a par usefulness mentioning. The tenets is not a duty (I’m on a MacBook Pro and can arpeggio either Windows or Ubuntu in a practical pin down if destitution be), but the less of a attain to battery viability, the beat. I’ve looked at different dedicated equation editing programs, but not one of them, or their reviews, make room any in of expedite. I’ve undisturbed brooding with regard to investing in a low-end Wacom censored (does anyone comprehend if there are ultra-cheap graphics tablets designed in search non-artists?), but I figured I’d learn ensure if anyone at Slashdot has a bettor unravelling.”

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