one-man orchestra writes “I’m the lone programmer of a unimportant, multi-platform, commercial audio program (a spectrogram redactor. After over and above 6 months on the demand, I realized that the program would not ever condign put across itself, and that I insufficiency some legal marketing done in compensation it. Being a one-man orchestra is fit increasingly intricate; I simply can commit so much space to marketing, my skills in that be sure of are lacking, and I’d much degree waste more era coding. In defiance of my lackluster part-time marketing toil, I up till manipulate to cajole a modest living out of the sales. My logical assumption is that with someone competent taking care of that part, revenue could greatly scale up. But what’s the right way to go about doing this? What type of people/company do I need to contact? What to expect? What to look out for?”

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