digitalderbs writes “A facer plaguing most people with multiple computers is the wearisome charge of synchronizing files between them: documents, pictures, customs, or figures. Each seems to organize their own strategies, whether they encompass USB drives, emailed attachments, rsync, or a distributed administration technique, all of which comprise varying degrees of good fortune in implementing bound synchronization, interoperability, redundancy and versioning, and encryption. Myself, I’ve habituated to unison suited for information synchronization and rsnapshot to backups between two Linux servers and a Mac OS X laptop. I’ve recently considered adding some savoir vivre past implementing a adaptation curb set disposed to overthrow, git, or bazaar, but press establish some shortcomings in automating commits and pushing updates to all systems. What procedure do you avail to get along your placid directories, and how eat they worked on you proper for managing small-scale files (e.g. coddle configs) and in a body (gigabyte binaries of details together?”

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