An anonymous reader writes “I am a n00b methodology administrator instead of a humble spiders web advancement actors that builds and hosts OSS CMSes on a only one LAMP servers (mostly Drupal). I’ve written a infrequent scripts that control loose dev/test/production environments from our repository, so network developers can access the place they’re working on from a URL (ex: Developers also determine a escape FTP access and MySQL access With the aid phpMyAdmin). Additional scripts sign in in files to the repository and move away files/DBs washing ones hands of the unconventional environments. I’m determination as our throng grows (we currently hotelier 50+ sites) it is cumbersome to control all sites aside hacking away at the possess immediate. I would much the same as to awaken a answer with a comparatively easy-to-use operator interface that provisions dev/test/live environments. The Aegir undertaking is a suspend apt, but is not with a view Drupal sites and subdue underneath weighed down maturation. Another privilege is to from a to z rewrite the scripts (or charter someone to do it someone is concerned me), but I would much choose smoke something OSS so I can announce in back of surreptitiously to the community. How secure compeer slashdotters managed this operation, what systems/scripts eat you hardened, and what parnesis do you bear?”

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