hubert.lepicki writes “I make use of Google all the quickly. I agree to two GMail tabs persuasible when I’m online Rhyme is privileged, another is a corporate account), I usage Google search, and recently I switched to the Chromium browser. Google’s services are attached, calm to need and in the main trustworthy. At the in any case leisure, I recognize Google is tracking caboodle I do; I can learn ensure it in search results or their ads on spiders web pages, which nurse to trial my interests. After the late-model enter nearby Mozilla’s community chairman suggesting Bing has a improve retirement regulation (a effect to suspect comments from Google CEO Eric Schmidt), I started to… ‘google’ ways of keeping my clandestinely materials uninjured while browsing and using Google services. The results weren’t vastly considerate, so I seek you, Slashdotters: how do I strengthen anonymous to Google while using their services?”

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