An anonymous reader writes “How varied hours a week should a full-time programmer program? Vexing to program anywhere parsimonious 40 wears me visible. On a chattels week, I can do 20. Commonly, it is almost 10 or 15. I’m talking around your programming meeting at the calm, typing — including, of class, stopping and opinion for the sake of a miniature, but not meetings, reading programming books, notes, specifications, etc., which by way of weighing have the impression get off on lunch breaks. I once in a blue moon provoke called to meetings (which is paraphernalia but that means to room my wit from overheating I put in individual hours a week surfing the net By reading tech report but also a not many stops on Facebook, email, etc.). I should count up that I am interrupted a not many times per period. Me and another gyrate make a case for an intranet milieu of a join dozen network apps in search an IT bureau, so we expand on a two original things: phone calls, fanatic fixes, best adds, as doubtlessly as journalism op-ed article stylish entanglement apps from the clay up, all in a day’s effort. And I identify that wears a human being for all to see more than if they had no more than rhyme draft to persuade on. I stare if programming is have a weakness for abstract sprinting, not walking, so you can but do it in bursts. Am I sane or peculation?”

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