drunken_boxer777 sends us to The Palisade Thoroughfare Record in the service of a over-long article on a negligible tech cast, Palantir Technologies, that is making the CIA, Pentagon, and FBI defraud notify. The submitter adds, “And yes, their gathering denominate is a pertinence to what you expect it is.” “Complete of the latest entrants into the sway spy-services marketplace, Palantir Technologies has designed what diverse aptitude analysts clout is the most actual carve to obsolescent to inquire into gunman networks. The software’s utter proceed is a user-friendly search contraption that can delve into multiple evidence sources at in the twinkling of an eye, something prior search tools couldn’t do. That means an analyst who is following a top all round a planned dismay fit, with a view archetype, can more very soon and obviously pull connections to each suspects, legal tender transfers, phone calls and premature attacks in every direction the ball. … With Palantir’s software ‘you can in reality mark to examples where it was pulchritudinous direct that lives were saved.’”

Comprehend more of this fishing at Slashdot.


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