paulraps writes “Neglect doing Spotify and Skype: the latest strangely-named-but-hey-it’s-free ritual from Sweden offers users streamed on-demand movies let off of assess, has deals with two foremost Hollywood studios, and is called Voddler. Since its set in motion two weeks ago, the servicing has signed up a home of a million users and has on the verge of the done mob queuing fitted an allure. After signing deals with Disney and Essential, the circle access to thousands of films, which are shown uninterrupted after a barrage of ads. The quarry is the file-sharing age group: “Our customers can be convinced that Voddler is absolutely proper, sound, and that there are no risks of computer viruses infecting their machines from downloaded files,” says numero uno deficiency president Zoran Slavic.”

Assume from more of this dispatch at Slashdot.


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