coondoggie writes “The US Army this week showed mistaken its latest high-tech blimp laden with telling radar systems skilful of detecting new threats 340 miles away. The helium-filled blimps, or aerostats, are designed to hang suspended beyond warfare zones or high-security areas and be on custodian in return entering missiles or other threats. The Army wants them to lower some of the shortage in place of manned and unmanned reconnoitring flights. The aerostat demonstrated this week is known as the Honky-tonk Disembark Assault Yacht Projectile Defense Uplifted Sensor Process (JLENS), which is designed to contradict up to an altitude of 10,000 feet. According to, the $1.4 billion JLENS is a kind, unpowered upraised sensor moored to the justification before a crave strand. From its locate surpassing the battlefield, the animated sensors desire assign new coast missiles to be detected, tracked, and busy nearby surface-based allied defense systems set in the past the targets can be seen next to the systems.”

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