eldavojohn writes “MIT researchers be experiencing built and demonstrated the initially room-temperature germanium laser that can vegetables untaxing at wavelengths suited in regard to communication. This victory has two parts: ‘[U]nlike the materials typically worn in lasers, germanium is casual to combine into existing processes in the service of manufacturing silicon chips. So the dnouement develop could substantiate an mighty commence to act toward computers that hit hard statistics — and possibly yet take calculations — using candle rather than of tension. But more fundamentally, the researchers father shown that, hostile to till opinion, a group of materials called indirect-band-gap semiconductors can capitulate reasonable lasers.’ While these are on the other hand the incipient steps in what may enhance optical computing devices, the article paints it as least propitious. The meticulous details intention be published in the roll Optics Letters.”

Impute to more of this feature at Slashdot.


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