An anonymous reader writes “Matthew Gregan is working on bringing David Schleef’s DSP accelerated seaport of Theora to Firefox Responsive. He writes on his blog: ‘The C64x+ DSP is ordinarily establish in systems built upon TI’s OMAP3 SoC, such as the Palm Pre, Motorola Droid, and Nokia N900. Pattern year, Mozilla funded a harbour, named Leonora, of Xiph’s Theora video codec to the TI C64x+ DSP. David Schleef conducted the anchorage impressively instantly and published his results. The target of this venture was to outfit a high-quality set in motion of royalty-free media codecs due to the fact that a reciprocal responsive computing programme. The inaugural core is Firefox Versatile on the N900, so I am working on integrating David’s put to good into Firefox. To enquiry with other facilities Firefox could drink to accelerate video playback, and study integration, I’ve been hacking on a subsidiary of a stand-alone Ogg Theora and Vorbis thespian from the outset written at hand Chris Look-alike called plogg.’”

Be familiar with more of this parable at Slashdot.


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