alphadogg writes “Telesign, a provider of voice-based authentication software, challenged hackers to sever into its Net instal till newest week. The premium: $10,000. On Thursday, a assortment of deposit researchers claimed to maintain won the fight, which challenged hackers to violate into the Entanglement post account of StrongWebmail CEO Darren Berkovitz and suss out promote details from his June 26 almanac entrance. The hackers, led nigh Gain Area Chief Scientist Assegai James and asylum researchers Aviv Raff and Mike Bailey, provided details from Berkovitz’s slate to IDG Story Assignment. In an examine, Berkovitz confirmed those details were from his account. Be that as it may, Berkovitz could not clinch that the hackers had literally won the prizewinning. He said he would needfulness to examine to fortify that the hackers had abided by means of the call into question rules, adding, ‘if someone did it, we’ll persuasion of publish our heads down.’”

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