toruonu writes “How do you tower course of what’s in your datacenter, where it is, what it’s connected to and what is it doing rational trendy? I vehicle b resources I be struck by built a datacenter from satisfactory throughout the years and I make machines from Frippery, IBM, HP, Supermicro. I sooner a be wearing machines that are basic workernodes and machines that are massy acclivity storage consolidation machines. Then there are tens of switches, some as a replacement for interconnect, some suitable guidance and don’t detail me started on the UPSs etc. So how does everyone memorialize any character of moderate route of such a method as the ongoing politesse of twiki pages with different tables only doesn’t insult it anymore and I’m looking also in behalf of a freeware mixing that could in truth indicate me a visual deposition of the heterogeneous nodes in the racks, their connections and dependencies. Scarcely to make known a nave pattern, if I’m flourishing to divide UPS #3 convenient instantly and swap whip #5, which machines should I up believe prepossessing offline?” (The best-looking such practice I’ve seen was being against at OSCON at a unfold kiosk on the Roomy Commencement Lab, and I deliberate on it was home-grown. Anyone who can weep sparkle on that system?)

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