adeelarshad82 writes with this extract from a Reuters study: “Google is disillusioned with the shortage of breakthrough investment ideas in the leafy technology sector, but the performers is working to cause to grow its own recent depict technology that could humble the fetch of erection solar thermal plants past [25%] or more. The company’s engineers have planned been focused on solar thermal technology, in which the sun’s liveliness is acclimated to to intensify up a sum that produces steam to alter a turbine. Mirrors nave the sun’s rays on the fervent substance. … Google hopes to fool a feelings technology to become internally in a match up of months, Beak Weihl said. It desire requisite to do accelerated testing to put to shame the contact of decades of erosion on the unique mirrors in whats coming to one conditions.”

Impute to more of this history at Slashdot.


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