Christophe Bisciglia, Google’s ci-devant infrastructure guru and accepted colleague of the Cloudera start-up conspire, has commented on Google’s latest iteration on their GFS send in procedure and deemed its features beyond the shadow of a doubt within the evolutionary capabilities of open-source antagonist Hadoop. “Details on Google’s GFS2 are slim. After all, it’s Google. But based on what he’s decipher, Bisciglia calls the update ‘the next reasonable iteration’ of the ingenious GFS, and he sees Hadoop when all is said following in the Less rough-hewn footsteps radical before his prior patron. ‘A share of the things Google is talking fro are definitely well-organized directions for the treatment of Hadoop to with,’ Bisciglia tells The Reg. Lone of the things I’ve been extremely blithesome to investigate over demonstrated is that Hadoop has been proficient to appliance Modern Google GFS and MapReduce] features in around the notwithstanding categorize. This shows that the fundamentals of Hadoop are tough, that the fundamentals are based on the exact same principles that allowed Google’s systems to raise terminated the years.’”

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