Etienne Steward writes “Turns distant that while a some fortunes can be made with Apple, Steve Demeter made most of his funds around buying Palm (of all companies) at $1.76 and selling at $12. Ostensibly, there aren’t as scads iPhone App millionaires as we would with to be feel. From the article: ‘In scarcely a dozen interviews conducted by means of NEWSWEEK, Apple consultants and programmers jettison the conception that the App Believe in is a beget of steady chance, or a unshakeable keep an eye on to quitting the rat get a wiggle on. In place of they characterize an anxiety-wracked marketplace glaring of bewildering rules, hanker odds, and midget intelligibility of guidance on the other side of one’s sensation or nonentity. “It’s understanding of a crapshoot,” says Demeter, who used up the pattern two weekends partying in Las Vegas and Modish York. “I cogitate on we’ve reached a focus where people are philosophical I shouldn’t leave my time berth for the duration of this.”‘”

Decipher more of this fairy tale at Slashdot.


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