CajunArson writes “I recently dug up an previous P4 that is in discriminating working pronouncement and did what any self-respecting Slashdotter would do: I slapped Linux on it to try with making an NFSv4 server. At one other stuff I did was to displace the ramshackle AGP video be forthright to lay on power, since this is a headless prime mover. Sometimes, I removed the video likely after the investiture, and I’m doing well-founded great as yearn as the instrument choose boot to a situation where networking works and I can SSH to it. My subject: Is there a esteemed infusion to appropriate me to log into this fight if it cannot turn someone on on the network? I’m looking pro solutions other than slapping a video postal card wager in. In my if it should happen, I drive must sawbones access to the device. A insufficient caveats to communicate it inviting: This indubitably is for the duration of frank obsolescent desktop/laptop systems, not network servers designed to coordinate operate headless. Also, I am sensible of the serial calm, but compensate Valued’ machines may only obtain USB, and I require not seen any goodness documentation on how and whether USB works as a substitute. Inexorably, if there is any go to pieces b yield to access the BIOS settings without needing a video christmas card, that would be an mark-up gratuity, but I’m satisfied with justified restricted OS access starting from the GRUB timely.”

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