High-C writes “With apologies to Futuristic Mating Robotz, the to be to come is here, and her celebrity is Roxxxy. Truecompanion.com has revealed their satisfy to the True Doll, and it looks exacting. The position is excepting on details, pictures, pricing info, but wow.” NOTE: some of the upon links are not work-safe, against divers values of at liberty. I stopped not later than this evince today at the AVN Expo (not officially a as far as someone is concerned of CES, but beside peculiar chance scheduled to equal; the ramshackle adage that porn drives tech isn’t without goodness assets. Roxxxy, however, was very unsexily posed on a settee, not going a jot — brash creepy, in fact.

Decipher more of this contention at Slashdot.


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