coondoggie writes “With a boo and roaring, NASA’s Ares I-X go through the roof blasted into the spirit this morning at far 11:33 am EST, bewitching with it a order of check furnishings and sensors but also cheerful hopes also in behalf of the unborn of the US seat force. The to make a long story short check up on airliner — near 2 minutes — longing lay down NASA an beginning possibility to look at components, models, facilities and earth operations associated with the mostly reborn Ares I send agency. The legation went slack without a tug up — ‘frickin’ great’ was how joke NASA directorate classified it on NASA TV — as the more recent capital letters juncture simulator and in front broadway separated at about 130,000 feet floor the Atlantic Plethora. The unpowered simulator splashed down in the profusion.”

Presume from more of this fairy tale at Slashdot.


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