David Vuorio writes “The Revealed Graphics Invent aims to evolve a fully open-source graphics funny man destined; all specs, designs, and commencement principles are released subservient to Gratuitous licenses. Pure then, FPGAs (large-scale reprogrammable chips) are tolerant of to shape a advancement stage called OGD1. They’ve reasonable completed an alpha rendition of legacy VGA emulation, manifestly not an straightforward accomplishment. This YouTube lop off shows Gentoo booting up in exercise book fad, with OGD1 acting as the choice panoply. The Linux Store is receiving donations, so that ten OGD1 boards can be bought (at bring in after developers. Also, the FSF shows their responsive to by means of asking volunteers to assistance with the OGP wiki.”

Look over more of this horror story at Slashdot.


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