snydeq writes “InfoWorld’s Paul Venezia takes VMware’s purported ‘cloud OS,’ vSphere 4, with a view a examine keenness. The prat array: ‘VMware vSphere 4.0 touches on practically every point of view of managing a practical infrastructure, from ESX herd provisioning to effective network superintendence to backup and revival of essential machines. Chance force censure whether these features are as effective as they call to be in this publicity, but their personality is a solid abdicate forwards owing effective environments.’ Supply the features Venezia finds exceptionally helpful is vSphere’s Gaffe Toleration: ‘In a nutshell, this allows you to hotfoot it the same VM in tandem across two hardware nodes, but with only one instance actually visible to the network. You can think of it as OS-agnostic clustering. Should a hardware failure take out the primary instance, the secondary instance will assume normal operations instantly, without requiring a VMotion.’”

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