pastababa writes “A beta of the Firefox Lorentz throw is right away present to go to download and open testing. Eming reports Firefox ‘Lorentz’ provides uninterrupted browsing into Windows and Linux users when there is a blast in plugins. Plugins flit in a disengage technique from the browser. If a plugin crashes it see fit not smash the browser, and unresponsive plugins are automatically restarted. The process-isolation call attention to has been in Google’s Chrome from the creation. Chrome sandboxes person tabs, crashes of one-liner label does not perturb the game of the forty winks of Chrome browser. Firefox currently quarantine merely Adobe Trice, Apple Quicktime and Microsoft Silverlight, but whim finally separate all plugins contest on a side. Mozilla encourages users to prove Firefox ‘Lorentz’ on their favorite websites. Users who inaugurate Firefox ‘Lorentz’ purposefulness at the end of the day be automatically updated to a following understanding of Firefox 3.6 in which this stress is included.”

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