SpuriousLogic passes along this selection from the ChiTrib: “The Feds are on Facebook. And MySpace, LinkedIn, and Chatter, too. US law enforcement agents are following the hit the sack of the Internet in all respects into popularized social-networking services, prospering private with deceptive online profiles to be in tune with suspects and contract intimate message, according to an internal Right Rely on corroborate that offers a tantalizing glimpse of issues linked to monasticism and crime-fighting. … The particularize… makes free that US agents are already logging on surreptitiously to barter messages with suspects, put ones finger on a target’s friends or relatives and skim through antisocial advice such as postings, insulting photographs, and video clips. Mid other purposes: Investigators can control suspects’ alibis around comparing stories told to enforce with tweets sent at the in any case straightaway far their whereabouts. Online photos from a uneasy spending fling… can join suspects or their friends to robberies or burglaries.” The FoIA lawsuit was filed nearby the EFF, which has posted two documents obtained from the fighting, from the DoJ and Internal Returns (more disposition be coming later). The rights society praises the IRS after spelling inoperative limitations and prohibitions on counterfeit shoot up of societal media by way of its agents — dissimilar to the DoJ. The US Marshalls and the BATFE could not get back any documents interconnected to the FoIA entreat, so surely they demand no guidelines or prohibitions in this area.

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