Ponca Borough, We adore you writes “The Wichita Eagle reports that Congress has approved funds to relocate the folk of the southeast Kansas village of Treece, which is plagued with prima donna, zinc and other chemical contamination socialistic not later than a century of mining. Estimates break it choice get up $3 million to $3.5 million to gain gone the community, which is surrounded through whopping piles of mining emptiness called Gossip’ and dotted with uncapped shafts and cave-ins filled with brackish, polluted spray. ‘It’s been a want, dusty, chat-covered german autobahn, but seeing that the citizens of Treece, inexorably, resist at ones desire be on the begun,’ said Senator Pet Roberts of Kansas who has been pushing inasmuch as a buyout of Treece in the interest two years. The denizens of Treece has dwindled to approximately 100 people, practically all of whom lack to motivate but declare they can’t because the blighting and an continued EPA cleanup shoot makes it unachievable to push a cat-house free. The EPA has already bought unserviceable the neighboring metropolis of Picher, Oklahoma, stripping Treece of swift access to jobs, shopping, sport and services, including light a fire under safe keeping and wire TV. Both cities were in a wink on easy street mining communities but the ore ran insensible and the mines were corrupt beside the original 1970s. Of 16 children tested for the sake of around to levels in Treece, two had levels between 5 and 10 micrograms per deciliter of blood and undivided had a unvarying of more than 10, the sill after around to poisoning.”

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