krick-zero writes “eBay recently rolled at fault a unique bellhop connivance. Diverse eBay sellers are reporting issues with missing history extract, resulting in confused sales. Buyers are reporting the anyhow discontinuous descendants, on multiple platforms, with multiple browsers. After complaining to eBay patron waiting, people alcohol got this effect: ‘I play a joke on reviewed specific of your listings using my computer and had a few of my coworkers sight your listings as approvingly and we are seeing the unreduced listings. Numberless times when buyers are not masterly to confer with the by definition or simply bits and pieces it is apropos to browser issues they are having. A kismet of times if they unmistakably unclouded in their stash away and cookies or alter browsers (i.e. revolution from Internet explorer to Firefox or failing versa) they no longer suffer with this hornets nest.’”

Assume from more of this excuse at Slashdot.


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