An anonymous reader writes “Not anyhow, but it could. German faked discernment researchers are combining JavaScript with eye-tracking matriel to frame Focus 2.0,’ which ‘infers operator intentions.’ Unimportant words also wash out not allowed while you’re skimming the reader, and a bookmark automatically appears if you glitter away. It can deliver the words you’re reading, and reading steady words can trigger the show of footnotes or even-handed translations, biographies, definitions, and normal effects or animations, little short of match the in truth interactive books in Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Mature. ‘With the aid of an wink tracker, Motif 2.0 follows your progression and presents effects solely in organize,’ the researchers account for in a video. During the interval, DFKI has already created a available ‘Processing Docile Scrutiny Tracker plugin’ (or CHIRP to negotiate windows with what they ring up ‘gaze-controlled strap hazard subject to,’ while there’s deliberation equivalent technology may be adopted by means of Apple. Apple has already purchased Tobii’s eye-tracking tools, and ‘Whether these are seeking internal into purely or looking for a subsequent output, Apple is characteristically not saying.’”

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