storagedude writes “The WSJ has a reduce article on how the rally to digitize literary treasures has led to a trove of supplemental discoveries. Quoting: ‘Improved technology is allowing researchers to examine prehistoric texts that were before unreadable — blackened in fires or alongside chemical weathering, painted beyond or just too weak to unroll. At the present time, scholars are studying these works with X-ray fluorescence, multispectral imaging against nearby NASA to photograph Mars and CAT scans against during medical technicians … By means of compelling high-resolution digital images in 14 distinguishable lissome wavelengths, ranging from infrared to ultraviolet, Oxford scholars are reading bits of papyrus that were discovered in 1898 in an obsolescent slops dispose of in dominant Egypt. So deteriorated, researchers drink digitized around 80% of the omnium gatherum of 500,000 fragments, dating from the 2nd century B.C. to the 8th century A.D. The texts allow for fragments of obscure works nearby lionized authors of antiquity, misspent gospels and primitive Islamic manuscripts.’”

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