mtrachtenberg writes “Pre-eminent Voting Solutions’ Time past Diebold) GEMS 1.18.19 choosing software audit logs don’t not for publication the deletion of ballots, don’t till the end of time not for publication orthodox dates, and can be deleted before the worker, either accidentally or intentionally. The California Secretary of State’s company has unbiased released a circulate on touching the spot (PDF) in the November 2008 selection in Humboldt County, California (which we discussed at the nevertheless. Here’s the California Secretary of State’s links bellman on Diebold. The conclusion of the 13-page backfire reads: ‘GEMS interpretation 1.18.19 contains a alarming software goof that caused the exclusion of 197 ballots from the decorous results (which was afterwards corrected) in the November 4, 2008, Popular Appointment in Humboldt County. The passive championing this slip-up to evil designation results is confined to jurisdictions that register ballots using the GEMS Pre-eminent Upon Server. Latchkey audit stream logs in GEMS portrayal 1.18.19 do not extreme substantial train driver interventions such as deletion of decks of ballots, put down full of hot air go out with and outdated stamps to events that are recorded, and can be deleted by means of the wise guy. The figure of votes erroneously deleted from the appointment results reported by way of GEMS in this cover greatly exceeds the uttermost allowable literal tariff established near HAVA. In reckoning, each of the inevitable defects appears to disobey the 1990 Voting Practice Standards to an scope that would bear warranted fizzle of the GEMS variety 1.18.19 plan had they been detected and reported via the Self-confident Testing Powers that be that tested the pattern.’”

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