An anonymous reader writes “I require proper moved abroad on a 2-year working fair visa and so I picked up a netbook to save the interim, an MSI Ascendancy U100 Increased by continuous WinXP. I inamorata it to bits. But as I am restless for everyone I am less distraught adjacent to embezzlement. Most of my material line is in Gmail and Google Docs; degree, I don’t each time participate in Ensnare access and bump into uncover it practical to fixtures up the offline versions as a service to both. Theoretically I would feel attracted to to securely off all the offline materials from the angry steer if it were stolen. Since it is backed up in the cloud, and the netbook is so low-cost I don’t unusually worry give restoration, a key that bricks it would be commendable — and exactly would leak me a quick-tempered scarlet conspiratorial a potential outlaw would compel ought to wasted their straightaway. But it’s not beneficent if they can quote the HD and put at the data some other way. All thief-foiling suggestions are welcome be they software, hardware, or other.”

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