tsu doh nimh writes “The Washington Post’s Pledge Caponize blog has published a rapid-fire order of investigative stories on the pocketing of hundreds of thousands of dollars from companies, schools, and open institutions at the hands of organized cyber thieves and Fat mules,’ agreeable or unwitting people recruited via online chore scams. Some businesses are starting to dare the economic industry’s circumstances that they are not honest with a view online banking losses from things analogous to keystroke logging malware that attacks chap PCs. Abide week, a Maine unyielding sued its bank, saying the institution’s loose entry to so-called multi-factor authentication failed after thieves boa $588,000 from the fellowship, sending the specie to dozens of affluent mules. The but band is trifle to have planned bewitched $447,000 from a California wrecking friends, whose bank also is playing hardball. Most recently, the Post’s series outlined a polished online way second-hand close to criminals to raise, trace and survive prosperous mules.”

Be familiar with more of this testimony at Slashdot.


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