garg0yle writes to ascertain us that Cryptome appears to cause stepped in it again with a fresh leaked record apropos of Microsoft’s “Far-reaching Black Compliance Handbook.” “Microsoft has demanded that Cryptome take off for down the counsel — on the grounds that it constitutes a ‘copyrighted Get ready published not later than Microsoft.’ Yesterday, at 5pm, Cryptome collector John Little ones received a remark from his site’s emcee, Network Solutions, stance a semi-solid conditions: citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Deport oneself (DMCA), Network Solutions told him that unless he takes the ‘copyrighted palpable’ down, they wishes ‘disable [his] website’ on Thursday, February 25, 2010. So till, Adolescent refuses to budge.” In a high sign of goodwill, Wikileaks has offered to innkeeper Cryptome via their titter feed.

Infer from more of this article at Slashdot.


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