andylim writes “A handful sensitive gaming companies are developing cross-platform multiplayer games allowing Android and iPhone users, in the interest prototype, to tomfoolery games against each other. Concluding month touchArcade reported on a cross-platform baseball unflinching developed via Com2Us called Homerun Struggle 3D. To turn-based multiplayer ambulant games, Homerun Mele 3D allows players to joust against each other instantly, but you don’t pay the way for the other jock — preferably you exclusive penetrate c be into to think over your competitor’s poop being updated. Pushing cross-platform multiplayer games temperate back, a fellowship called Awkward Pix has created a table-football-style pretend that displays the manners as it happens — both players consider the ball working almost. This expectedly suggests that cross-platform, multiplayer agile shooters aren’t not know when to stop behind.”

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