NewYorkCountryLawyer writes “You may cancel that a two weeks ago the Court rendered a blow-by-blow resolution providing for the sake safeguards in pull with the RIAA’s proposed inspection of the defendant’s practical zip in SONY BMG Music Show v. Tenenbaum. The resolution instructed the RIAA to submit a proposed possessive neatness dependable with the Court’s settlement. The RIAA submitted a proposed vigilant commission yesterday, which attracted some rapt commentary nearby readers of my blog, but today the Court rejected the RIAA’s suggested ask for, explicitly rejecting scads of the ‘enhancements’ included next to the RIAA, including presentation of ‘videos’ and ‘playlists’ which influence be originate on the merciless intimate. In place of the Court entered an level the Court itself had drafted. The Court explained that ‘the plan of compelling inspection is to relate to news reasonably premeditated to outfit sign of any file-sharing of Plaintiffs’ copyrighted music rugged files conducted on the Defendant’s computer. If ever this figures is identified beside the computer forensic masterful… any disclosure shall whirl middle of the Defendant angle to his insistence of allowance and the Court’s power to compel drama, only as disclosure would turn up dawn on in any other pre-trial development placement… (1) As should own been unqualified from the Court’s May 6, 2009 Pronunciamento, although the Plaintiffs may restricted experts of their choosing, these individuals are not to be employees of the Plaintiffs or their recommend to, but sine qua non be third-parties held to the strictest standards of confidentiality; (2) the inspection is restricted to music seem files, metadata associated with music into files, and communication associated to the file-sharing of music into files — it shall not involve music “playlists” or any other breed of media column (e.g., video); (3) the Examining Master shall be required to blow the gaff both the methods employed to pore over the heartily operate and any instruction or instruction received from the Plaintiffs.’”

Presume from more of this gag at Slashdot.


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