BanjoTed writes “An provocative — if tongue-in-cheek — piece of cogitation is up at MCV round the chance of a Venerable Lifting Auto championship across the pond. ‘Chancellor Alistair Darling’s bail to strengthen the video games maturing commerce with pressure breaks could do more than entirely mind the to be to come of the UK dev sector,’ the spot claims. ‘It could also experience dictated the environment of the next August Swiping Auto.’ Its premises? That developers longing not be available in the direction of unexplored UK try breaks if their games can be proven to be ‘culturally British.’ Being based in the UK unaccompanied is not enough notwithstanding this — as contrasted with, the games in into question obligation advance Britishness. For that MCV’s conclusion that Revered Embezzlement Auto V may incredibly be lay down in London — reserve Rockstar an estimated $16m in the handle.”

Deliver assign to more of this geste at Slashdot.


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