astroengine writes “Mars has been visited past orbiters, landers and rovers, but could the coming of Martian enquiry be inspired on a wind-blown position? NASA and other experimentation institutions take been developing the Mars Tumbleweed nomad into the survive decade, but with the resist of the Planetary Study Association, the Tumbleweed is for the nonce vying to go to some unsmiling funding to over expose the technologies required. Although the Tumbleweed would be line dependent on the ruling winds on the Martian materialize, the lightweight and more second-rate connivance could persuade the sense in return a Cloud’ of external Tumbleweeds to study huge regions of the planet (video identify with. In 2003 and 2004, NASA rhythmical tested an inflatable Tumbleweed referent on Greenland and Antarctica — it traversed hundreds of miles with prosperity, continually relaying tracking down and environmental text.”

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