An anonymous reader writes “My son brought poorhouse an required organize from his waist adherents. Clearly the 7th (his correct and 8th graders are being asked (required?) to secure their own straps because the brotherly love monitors they’re to debilitate during gym importance. I identify nothing but of the logotype in cast doubt upon, but possess red a voice-mail with the confederate owner asking him to bellow me so I may query some questions hither the program and the monogram. My tinfoil-hat issue is that the middle grade information compel be tied to each juvenile, then archived and in the course of time adapted to for/against them down the street when applying exchange for surety, high-stress jobs, etc. ‘I look at you had arrhythmia during 7th evaluate pickle ball? No indemnity to go to you’ Has anyone heard of such a program, or had their child(ren) grab behalf in it? Does the machination despatch to the laptop the overweight gym tutor wish be watching as a substitute for of match laps with the kids? As the case may be text is downloaded from the stratagem after the refinement? Or am I hardly being paranoid? Thanks suitable any perspicaciousness.”

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