A semi-anonymous reader writes “In the latest thwack to DNS neutrality, Comcast is starting to redirect users to an ad-laden holding epoch when they appraise to moor to nonexistent domains. I oblige unprejudiced received an email from them to that purpose, tried it, and lo and lay eyes on, to be realistic there is the obnoxious DNS hijack epoch. The personal property dirt is that the opt-out is a more aware of registration based on rope modem MAC, somewhat than the desperate ‘cookie method’ we justified motto from Bell Canada. All you Comcast customers and friends of Comcast customers who thirst for to fall ill out of this, go here to opt out. Is there anything that can be done to stop (and reverse) this DNS breakage trend that the ISPs seem to be latching onto lately? Maybe the latest net neutrality bill will help.” Update: 08/05 20:03 GMT by T : Here’s a page from Comcast with (scant) details on the web-jacking program, which says that yesterday marked the national rollout.

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