Mike writes “A network of hackers, most based in China, enjoy been making up to 70,000 attempts a age to interrupt into the NYPD’s computer methodology, the city’s Commissioner, Raymond Kelly, revealed Wednesday. Kelly suggested that As the case may be it is because of the NYPD’s reach into the oecumenical arena’ that they are being targeted in the course of computer hacking ‘in much the style the Pentagon has been.’ The hackers are plainly using a botnet to vigorous up to 5,000 attempts a day at various unsecured portals into the NYPD’s files. China’s foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang denied involvement in computer espionage. ‘Some people outside of China are bent on fabricating lies of so-called Chinese computer spies,’ he said last month. The obvious question is, why are the Chinese so interested in the NYPD computer network?”

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