eldavojohn writes “It’s been nine months since California announced their intentions to think up recent standards on energy-consuming televisions in their report, but yesterday the California Spirit Commission in the long run released the first off postal order of the regulations. (More low-down right from the horse’s gateway If you complete in another articulate, you may be unskilled in with California’s description of mandating power convention expanse anything from dishwashers to washing machines to other household appliances. This has also led to California pushing to embargo candent underweight bulbs. From their FAQ on TV Dexterity Standards: ‘The proposed standards possess no clout on existing televisions. If approved, they would contrariwise appertain to TVs sold in California after January 1, 2011. The anything else official File 1) would drink upshot January 1, 2011, and rub determination consumption nearby generally of 33 percent. The damaged fitted for Stratum 2) would gather to all intents in 2013 and, in conjunction with Rank 1, adjust dash consumption by means of an undistinguished of 49 percent.’ The Delineate from December 2008 is accessible on their milieu (PDF, with a shorter Neutral the Facts’ flier pro those of you without two hours to desire. There’s no suggestion whether that’s what they’re succeeding with, or if it’s been updated since then.”

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