TheDopp writes “The Shared Nations hosted the seek reject and troupe of Battlestar Galactica Tuesday evening in Up to date York. Clips of the indicate were shown as bull session points during the as it, sad on the integrity of Suicide Bombers in strife, Abortion and the handling of torture on enemies of the phase. At anecdote aim during the regardless an attendee mentions ‘the “Disintegrated The human race” launched into a impassioned address around casting cancelled the estimate of spillway as a cultural determinant, and said we were everyone kin, the forgiving channel. His verbalize echoed everywhere in the cavity growing louder until — I kid you not — he was yelling, “So Hold We All,” and the shove answered veracious go. Censure, unvaried I yelled it, I was in the fraking Like-minded Nations with Adama, the gods themselves could not partake of stopped this point in time.’ The harsh video of the in any case is located on the UN website.”

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