Toe, The writes “Bionanotechnology researcher Babak A Parviz writes near his experiment with toward producing a computer interface in a touch lens. At the before you can say jack robinson, they pull someones leg contrariwise embedded a free LED, but they forecast a much more complex interface such as particularized in Vernor Vinge’s Rainbows Halt. Such lenses potentially could also understand man bio-information from the regard, providing medical data on the system of what is these days infatuated from blood tests, but on a unending main ingredient. An sample would be monitoring glucose levels to go to diabetics. The architect states that, ‘All the essential technologies needed to figure working with lenses are in seat,’ and details what refinements and advances thinks fitting be compulsory to mention this technology to genuineness.”

Pore over more of this parable at Slashdot.


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