An anonymous reader excerpts from an fascinating article at Ars Technica, which begins “There are 3,706,650,624 usable IPv4 addresses. On January 1, 2000, roughly 1,615 million (44 percent) were in put to use and 2,092 million were alleviate accessible. Today, ten years later, 2,985 million addresses (81 percent) are in ground, and 722 million are motionlessly for free. In that continuously, the slew of addresses reach-me-down per year increased from 79 million in 2000 to 203 million in 2009. So it’s a neighbourhood of sure thing that in advance Barack Obama vacates the Creamy Congress, we’ll be gone from of IPv4 address[es]. Align equalize if he doesn’t come down with re-elected.)”

Peruse more of this dispatch at Slashdot.


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