FleaPlus writes “Ring up Aldrin and twelve other astronauts be experiencing published a collective indorsement of commercial defenceless spaceflight, stating that ‘while it’s unambiguously fitting seeing that NASA to take up developing systems and the changed technologies demanded to lease crews farther dmod into our solar set-up, [the astronauts] accept that the commercial sector is fully clever of safely handling the carping duty of low-Earth-orbit soul transportation.’ They are courageous that commercial systems (which NASA already relies on to go to launching multibillion-dollar branch payloads) can prepare for a equivalent of security match to the Russian Soyuz and higher than the Accommodation Commute, while strengthening US remunerative competitiveness. They also stay the expected affirmation of the Undefiled House’s Augustine Commission about NASA’s utility of commercial spaceflight — the Commission’s fixed bang leave be released today.” And here’s the Augustine check in itself (PDF).

Scan more of this recounting at Slashdot.


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