ericatcw writes “After 30+ years, the PC business has been as obsessed with under-the-hood effectuation: MIPs, MHz, transistors per bit. Put Moore’s Law, which effectively laid down the Truth of marketing PCs in the same way as sports cars. But with nimble PCs and environmentalist computing coming to the fore, invade ARM, which is challenging the Truth according to Moore with chips that are low-powered in both senses of the text. Some of its most popularized CPUs must 100,000 transistors, fewer than a 12 MHz Intel 286 CPU from 1982 (download PDF). But they also overwhelm as itsy-bitsy as a lodgings of a watt, which is why netbook makers are embracing them. It’s “megahertz per milli-watt,”that counts, according to ARM exec Ian Drew, who predicts that 6-10 ARM-based netbooks meet Linux and costing straight roughly $200 should make the grade this year starting in July.”

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